Cycling revolution

Being a cyclist makes you see the streets differently but being a landscape architect offers a completely new view of the city. Anna Sieczak Cycle revolution – an article featured in the Landscape Journal – Autumn 2020, Landscape: Green Recovery, by Landscape Institute. The article presents an overview of how our relationship with cities changedContinue reading “Cycling revolution”

Malmesbury Green Project – Phase 2. Green Corridor: Malemesbury Rd. to Mile End Park.

Greening the city – one street at a time. Green Corridor: Malmesbury Rd. to Mile End Park Project – series of small-scale interventions with two main aims: “1. to encourage local residents to use Malmesbury Rd. as an attractive walking and cycling route to Mile End Park. 2. to make an area of Malmesbury Rd.Continue reading “Malmesbury Green Project – Phase 2. Green Corridor: Malemesbury Rd. to Mile End Park.”

On the origins of landscape architecture

How many of us, landscape architects, endured the battle of explaining what we do? What is landscape architecture? What does a landscape architect do? The most common response to “Hi! My name is… I am a landscape architect.” is: “oh an architect” or a raised eyebrow “?” Many people tend to hear only ‘architecture‘ andContinue reading “On the origins of landscape architecture”

London National Park City

    “It’s awesome to live in the Park – London National Park City! Together: organisations, professionals, communities and all passionate individuals we can change the world! One Park City at a time. 😊“ I have signed the London National Park City Charter, it can be found here. By signing it, AS-Landscape Architecture committed, as a professionalContinue reading “London National Park City”

Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

Winning entry to OPUN (the architecture and design center for East Midlands) national competition to design a new square in the town of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. Teamed up with Patricia Paegle, we created an innovative proposal showing how the town center could be transformed, starting wider regeneration of the area and contributing to the Council’s strategy ofContinue reading “Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire”

“There is no such thing as weeds in our gardens…”

“There is no such thing as weeds in our garden” – a case of two community spaces in London that take environmentally responsible gardening into next level. Low maintenance, and drought-tolerant planting, with food growing and organic, permaculture elements, ecological, wildlife, climate change gardens.


CV & Portfolio: Anna’s previous works include designing and managing projects in the UK and overseas: Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She is experienced in projects at various scales: from small-scale residential gardens and community projects to complex commercial/public realm schemes, from design to construction.  Download the CV here. A portfolio of previous works isContinue reading “CV”

About AS-LA. Why? What? Who?

AS – Landscape architecture stands for accessibility and sustainability. Our objective is to design private and public places that are inclusive, functional and beautiful. To create designs that put users & environment first. Places that positively influence our lives.   Placemaking for people and nature. Accessibility Sustainability Quality We create valuable, sustainable and beautiful spaces. We design with users in mind – puttingContinue reading “About AS-LA. Why? What? Who?”