Evaluation and recommendation – inclusivity and sustainability

Quite often, landscape architecture, public realm or garden design project benefits from an evaluation and improvement recommendation delivered by an external consultant, who is able to assess the design objectively and provide constructive feedback. 

This type of assessment will benefit your project at various stages through the project life cycle: feasibility, planning, tender and construction. Such assessment can cover the design itself, composition and application of design principles, complying with the latest legislation, up to construction details and sustainability. 

As an experienced garden design tutor and a member of the Conservation And Design Advice Panel for Tower Hamlet, where we assess the design at the pre-planning stage, I provide the service of design evaluation and design recommendations.

Main areas of my expertise focus on inclusivity and sustainability.

Inclusive design and process:

  • helping you to design diverse public spaces
  • complying with latest legislations
  • environments that include the needs of the widest number of users
  • design for all
  • access and inclusion in all ages, genders, abilities, cultures, geography, social and financial means
  • people-centred design
  • places for activities that connect people
  • urban participation / citizen engagement / stakeholders involvement
  • balancing needs and aspirations to create an equal environment


  • practical and aesthetical solutions
  • complying with latest legislations
  • maintaining the character of the site and its natural beauty
  • creating climate change responsive landscapes and gardens
  • green-blue infrastructure
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • rainfall and runoff solutions
  • choices about landscape materials
  • provision for vehicles and access
  • enhancing biodiversity 
  • design for wildlife
  • planting recommendations
  • intensive, extensive (sedum, brown/wildlife) green roofs
  • green walls


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