About AS-LA. Why? What? Who?

AS – Landscape architecture stands for accessibility and sustainability. Our objective is to design private and public places that are inclusivefunctional and beautiful. To create designs that put users & environment first. Places that positively influence our lives.


Placemaking for people and nature.




AS-LA Swedenborg Gardens
We create valuable, sustainable and beautiful spaces.

We design with users in mind – putting people first. In public spaces, all users are welcomed and have a fantastic experience thanks to inclusive, accessible, and functional solutions. The private gardens can be enjoyed by the whole family.

We design with and for nature. Nature is integrated into all our projects from the start. We understand natural cycles, phytosociology, and the vital role contact with nature plays in supporting our health and wellbeing. We use biophilia principles, the right plant-right place approach, enhancing biodiversity and habitats for wildlife, and sustainable solutions like rainwater recycling.

We work closely with our clients to match their aesthetic wants with space and sustainability requirements, using our creativity and commitment to deliver the highest quality design.

Core Values AS_LA

What AS-LA does:

At AS-LA, we work on projects within

  • garden design,
  • community gardens,
  • public realm,
  • indoor greening.

We explore a broad range of design concepts relating to:

  • inclusivity,
  • accessibility,
  • the social life of public spaces,
  • health and wellbeing,
  • diversity,
  • biophilia,
  • Green-Blue Infrastructure,
  • SuDS,
  • biodiversity,
  • phytoremediation.

We collaborate with architects, landscape architects, garden designers, community groups and private clients, helping them deliver their projects to the highest standards.

At AS-LA, we believe in sharing the knowledge related to landscape architecture and the benefits of designing with/for nature. We do so with short blog entries, talks and publications.

Who I am:

AS – Landscape Architecture was established by Anna Sieczak in 2019. After years of working in the profession, with the spirit of a discoverer, she decided to hold the steer and work on projects that allow venturing into new ideas, design and ecology areas.

Anna Sieczak is a Chartered Landscape Architect (CMLI), lecturer in Garden Design at Capel Manor College at The Regent’s Park and a member of the Conservation And Design Advisory Panel (CADAP) for London Borough of Tower Hamlet.

Polish by birth, Londoner by choice. A cyclist and active traveller, she is passionate about the natural and urban environment and equality. She writes about design, landscape architecture and garden design.

Her background in Oceanography makes her fully aware of changes occurring in nature caused by human activities and the importance of environmental protection. She turned into landscape architecture, ‘the most comprehensive of arts’, as she believes that these changes can be mitigated with careful placemaking, master-planning, and design: small and large scales.

She graduated with an Engineer in Landscape architecture (inżynier) from KUL in Lublin, Poland and a PgDiploma from the University of Greenwich, London, the UK. She got her Chartership in May 2016.

Anna’s previous works include designing and managing projects in the UK and overseas: Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She is experienced in projects at various scales: from small-scale residential gardens and community projects to complex commercial/public realm schemes, from design to construction. 

Portfolio of previous works available upon request.

Let’s talk:

If you have a project AS-LA may be able to assist with, let’s discuss:

PHONE: 07527346833

EMAIL: info@annasieczak.com

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